Take Pride and Donate.

Please consider a tax deductible donation to ensure Miami Beach Gay Pride remains FREE for anyone to attend.

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Take Pride in Miami Beach Gay Pride & Donate

Miami Beach Gay Pride is a FREE to attend for everyone on Saturday and Sunday at Ocean Drive & Lummus Park. We celebrate together with you our 6th year Anniversary and it is ONLY because of our community's support and financial donations that we are able to produce such a large event with so many FREE activities for the community to enjoy. We take PRIDE in working with the Miami Beach community to support Miami Beach Gay Pride in some capacity to ensure that is remains FREE and open to the public.

This support comes in the forms of financial donations, volunteerism, partnerships, sponsorships, and time. TOGETHER we will continue to create the change you want to see and a tax deductible donation will contribute to make the Miami Beach Gay Pride, not only a spectacular event, but also an undeniable show of the strength, power and influence of our LGBT community.
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Angels and Arch Angels Individual Giving Opportunities

All donors receive the following benefits (additional benefits vary by sponsor levels):

  • Rainbow Flag Raising Ceremony access
  • Saturday Festival: VIP Lounge Access
  • Sunday Parade: Grand Stands viewing Seat with Bottomless Mimosa bar
  • Sunday Festival: VIP Lounge Access
  • Listed on collateral materials including electronic Pride Guide (donations in by Feb 15)

Leadership Council ($2,500 and above)

The Leadership council sets the benchmark for continued annual giving to take donors to the next echelon and to lead by example.

  • 6 VIP passes for Saturday/ Sunday Festival with open bar 1-4pm & 5 drink tickets per pass

Arch Angels ($1000 – $2,499)

Miami Beach Gay Pride’s Arch Angels, in many ways, comprises the very core of Miami Beach Gay Pride’s essential private support base. Not only does the annual fund generate consistent and dependable revenue, it also sets an example of the kind of committed philanthropy Miami Beach Gay Pride has inspired and depended upon for many years.

  • 4 VIP passes for Saturday/ Sunday Festival with open bar 1-4pm 5 drink tickets per pass

Angels ($500 – $999)

Miami Beach Gay Pride Angels is a giving program that continues to grow to meet the ever-growing needs of our community.

  • 2 VIP passes for Saturday/ Sunday Festival with open bar 1-4pm 5 drink tickets per pass

Allies ($100- $499)

Our supporters are the cornerstone of what we do and we could not do it without you.

  • 1 VIP pass for Saturday/ Sunday with open bar 1-4pm

Leadership Council

  • Daniel Spring and Jean Marc De Silva


  • Jim Tyrrell and Jay Richard DiBiaso and Roger Thomson
  • Joel Stedman and Peter J. Morales
  • Mike Ryan
  • Richard Trainor
  • Greg Randall and Keith Ridler
  • Dustin Pesnell & Carlo Mercuri
  • Michael Larkin


  • Chip Arndt
  • Allen Yudacueski & Mark Mandel
  • Carl Rosendorf
  • Michael Guss
  • Larry Hyer
  • Dennis Holding & Flavio Clvacanti
  • David Staples and Kevin Staples
  • Babak Movahedi
  • Sherry Roberts & Alice Randolf
  • Ashley Eaton
  • Douglas Talhelm


  • Dr Robert Collier
  • Luis Rodriguez & Steven Stewart
  • Steven Adkins
  • Richard Araujo
  • Robert Balsam
  • Richard Beauregard
  • Zachary Belil
  • Jack Bentley
  • Robert Borden
  • James Brown
  • Carlos Canasi
  • Anthony Diaz
  • Samuel Carson
  • Jesus Carvajal
  • Michael Conway
  • David Crystal
  • Jessica Davis
  • Marty Davis
  • Javier Guerrero
  • Edward DeCaso
  • Juan Duarte
  • Dennis Edwards
  • Irwin Epstein
  • Juan Pablo Herranz
  • George Franceschini
  • Mark Gilbert
  • Stephan Ginez
  • Cristobal Gonzalez
  • Bryce Goodwin
  • Normando Matos
  • David Carache
  • Daniel Hekman
  • Robert Holston
  • Bruce Horwich
  • Jeffrey Kusch
  • David Lopez
  • Marci Lowman
  • William Mathisen
  • Chad Nentwig
  • Gerard Nadeau
  • Tim Nardi
  • Brian Geraghty
  • Todd Nordstrom
  • J Nugen
  • Pablo Oliveira
  • Dearin Priester
  • Nathaniel Reed
  • Keith Rinehard
  • Ricardo Rodriguez Roa
  • Alma Rodriguez
  • Carlos Santa Cruz
  • Daniel Sehres
  • Anthony Serrano
  • Nathan Shapiro
  • David J. Shenfeld
  • Henry Sierra
  • Perry Martino
  • Bruce Townsend
  • Dwain Wall
  • Mark Watson
  • Adolfo Perez
  • Irwin Epstein